Smart City Technology — A Tesseract Perspective

John Boucard
2 min readJun 20, 2021
Tesseract Ventures and Smart Cities

Tesseract Ventures envisions a Smart City Opportunity in Kansas and Missouri

City governments everywhere are aggregating data from existing data sets and IoT devices to improve operations and asset management, fuel smart city initiatives, enhance quality of life and save money.

But too often this data is not fully leveraged, leaving cities with massive volumes of information they can’t access or use to improve resident services.

That’s where Tesseract technology can help.

We have been working internally to create a series of useful, timely, and technology offerings to help locally here in our hometown in Kansas City.

Our flexible, scalable platform can bring disparate IoT data sources together with existing data to help cities make the huge amounts of raw data they have drive more efficient operations.

Introducing Tesseract Smart City Technology

Tesseract Prism Anchors can be deployed on existing street light poles to create a robust and open IoT network. The anchors can be configured with a variety of sensors as well as linking to existing assets. These small, easy to install devices can be quickly added to existing city infrastructure to collect and deliver a wide variety of data, from energy usage to public safety tools like gunshot detection.

Tesseract IoT Technology on Street Lights

Tesseract Mosaic Software brings it all together, allowing governments to aggregate and visualize the data they’re collecting, leading to better-informed, AI-led decisions.

Tesseract Mosaic Software

Tesseract Smart Space visualizes information from IoT assets, enterprise software and more, allowing collaborators to work together and solve problems with their data, in person or remotely.”

Additional Use Cases

These solutions can maximize the value of existing smart city infrastructure by adding analytics and data visualization that can uncover both real-time and historical patterns with the aid of AI.

Various Data Visualization Solutions

With the tools to make data work harder and smarter, governments can find targeted solutions to create a better city for all.



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