Leveraging Tesseract’s Scalable Construction Technology Solutions

John Boucard
6 min readJun 26, 2023

Tesseract Venture’s innovative construction technology solutions are leading the charge into the future of construction management.

Embracing the Future of Construction

As construction companies continually seek solutions to ensure workplace safety, enhance operational efficiency, and drive productivity, advancements in construction technology are ushering in a transformative era. Tesseract, a frontrunner in this space, offers a comprehensive suite of scalable technology bundles tailored to meet the distinctive demands of today’s dynamic construction sites.

Tesseract’s products are designed to streamline various operations, from communications and networking to site access, workforce management, safety, and labor tracking. This adaptability to scale with the construction site’s evolving demands sets Tesseract apart. As the project transitions through different phases, the solutions provided by Tesseract seamlessly adjust, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations from greenfield to project completion.

Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making

At the heart of Tesseract’s technology lies a robust, data-centric approach. This strategy is enacted from the first day of implementation. Tesseract’s solutions generate a wealth of data that facilitates; improved safety, and informed decision-making, mitigates risks and enhances overall operational efficiency. From day one, know who is on your job site, see hours worked and manage the overall workforce as it grows over the course of the project.

Installation Day: Laying the Foundation with NODE.GS and PRISM Badges

Early in a project when pre-con is still happening, the site is secured using Tesseract technology. Track the flow of workers, equipment, and materials onto the job site with a small tech footprint. The NODE.GS, a secure Guard Station, is strategically placed at main entry points while concurrently integrating PRISM badges to enhance worker tracking and site access control. The key features of NODE.GS and PRISM Badges include:

NODE.GS Key Features:

  • Secure Guard Station: Provides a secure and comfortable workspace for security teams. Long Range Antennas mean guards do not need to leave the enclosure to read and approve worker access.
  • Site Ready Construction: The NODE.GS is durable and self-contained. It includes LTE data transmission and only requires site power from a generator or mains.
  • Touchless Credential Verification: Integrated with the PRISM tablet and app for swift and efficient access control.

PRISM Badges Key Features:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Safety: Multi-mode access technology for use with NODE GS as well as other Tesseract access points
  • Dynamic Location Tracking: When used with PRISM anchors, badges can be located within 20 cm in real-time
  • Scalable Solutions: There are three versions of the PRISM badge from simple access cards to full tracking and 2-way communication features, choose the solution that is right for your budget

Ramping Up: Expand Operations with NODE, NODE.LT, and MOSAIC Dashboard

As the construction site expands, Tesseract’s NODE and NODE.LT become vital assets. These tools, alongside the real-time data aggregation offered by the MOSAIC Dashboard, adapt seamlessly to the project’s evolving dynamics.

Tesseract NODE Key Features:

  • Optimized Access Control: Designed for efficient access control in high-security environments. Control site access without slowing down production.
  • Controls Foot Traffic and Vehicle Access: Features both full-height turnstiles and a guard station with line of site-to-vehicle lanes.
  • IoT Hub for the Site: Provides stable internet connectivity via LTE for uninterrupted operations and links with other Tesseract hardware on-site to provide dependable access control.

NODE.LT Key Features:

  • Touch Technology via PRISM Badges: Utilizes touch technology for accurate site access control.
  • Active/Passive Zone Control: Creates layers of access within the site to track entry and exit into sensitive areas. Can also be used as a simple, low-cost solution for smaller sites.
  • Flexible/Scalable Tech: Includes a touchless card reader and can be fitted with a camera and touch screen for multi-factor authentication.

MOSAIC Dashboard Key Features:

  • Efficiently On-Board and Manage Your Workforce: Tablet-based software guides the onboarding and credentialing process. From entering information and capturing a picture to printing in a few minutes.
  • Real-time Reporting on Time and Attendance: Provides real-time information about who is on the job site now and historical reporting to review resource loading.
  • Export Data On Demand: Create reports for date ranges, trade partners, and individual workers that can be exported and shared or integrated into legacy systems.

Scaling for Large Multi-Project Sites: Using AI and RTLS to manage a campus

On larger, campus-style projects, site access needs change over time. Areas are completed and turned over to end users, separate sites are opened on the same campus, and different trade partners or specialists are engaged. This results in a large and complex security and credentialing challenge. Tesseract provides solutions that scale and can be layered to create a mesh to cover any project.

By adding AI camera Vision to the existing suite of products, you can cover larger areas of the site with active alerts for safety situations, security, and process control.

By adding the location tracking capabilities of the PRISM badges, you will be able to see where workers are in real time in high-risk areas or muster zones.

AI Camera Vision Key Features:

  • Worker, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking: Enhances workforce management and oversees construction processes.
  • Site Mapping: Maps out sites to identify potential hazards, enabling proactive safety measures.
  • Data-driven Alerts: Triggers alerts for imminent dangers, contributing to heightened site safety.

PRISM RTLS Features:

  • Worker Tracking for Safety: Establish exclusion zones and real-time alerts to keep workers safe.
  • Track Equipment: Use PRISM to track large equipment as well as deliveries coming to the site to coordinate resources effectively and reduce downtime.
  • Push Notifications: Use the L2T badge to push real-time alerts to your workforce, message teams, and individuals.

As construction projects approach their final stages, activity on the site decreases. The workforce starts to scale down and the demands for extensive coordination and resource allocation progressively decrease. However, the necessity for security, accurate oversight, and streamlined efficiency remain undiminished.

This is where the adaptability of Tesseract’s scalable solutions shine. They easily downsize in alignment with the contracting needs of the site, ensuring smooth operations without superfluous resource usage. Downscaling guarantees comprehensive support for each aspect of the project, providing a seamless transition towards the wrap-up and handover phase.

Building a Sustainable Future with Tesseract’s Innovative Solutions

In the face of modern construction site complexities, Tesseract stands out as a beacon of innovation and adaptability. Its dynamic, scalable technology bundles — NODE, NODE.LT, PRISM Badges, the MOSAIC Dashboard, and the AI Camera Vision — are designed to handle the unique challenges presented at each stage of construction. These innovative solutions embody Tesseract’s commitment to enhancing safety, driving productivity, and offering substantial positive impact on the project’s bottom line. With the application of such sophisticated technologies, construction sites are empowered to effectively navigate and overcome the multifaceted operational challenges they encounter.

Tesseract’s contribution extends beyond providing state-of-the-art solutions; it is playing a pivotal role in transforming the future of construction management. It continuously anticipates and responds to the industry’s evolving needs with a suite of solutions that are not only efficient but also highly adaptable. Tesseract underscores the importance of a reliable, robust, and responsive technology partner in steering construction sites towards sustainability and future-readiness. With its unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability, Tesseract is genuinely leading the charge, forging a path that others in the industry may follow.

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