Introducing Tesseract NODE: The All-in-One Technology Hub for Efficient and Secure Construction Sites

John Boucard
5 min readApr 28, 2023


Tesseract Ventures NODE Access + Security Robot


Managing access and security on construction sites can pose significant challenges for site managers, who must balance the need for efficient workflows with the protection of valuable resources and the safety of workers. Tesseract Ventures has developed the NODE, a versatile technology hub designed to simplify and improve access control and security on construction sites.

Tesseract NODE: Concept Video

The NODE is easily deployed and integrated into existing site infrastructure, minimizing setup time and ensuring a seamless implementation. Serving as the central access point for both workers and visitors, the NODE is capable of managing multiple entry points, streamlining the flow of authorized personnel while maintaining the desired level of security.

Featuring a range of security options, the NODE caters to various project requirements. With flexible settings from open access for low-risk areas to fully locked down turnstiles for high-security zones, the NODE adapts to the specific needs of each construction site. This adaptable approach ensures that site managers can effectively control access while maintaining efficiency and promoting a safe working environment.

Tesseract NODE bundles with Prism Robots to redefine Time + Attendance

Tesseract NODE: Key Features

The Tesseract NODE is designed to provide site managers with a comprehensive solution for worksite access and security. As a self-contained access control point and IoT communication hub, the NODE is suitable for various construction site applications.

Key features of the Tesseract NODE include:

  1. High-security turnstiles and server hardware: The NODE is equipped with robust turnstiles and advanced server hardware to support simple access control or an entire Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for enhanced security and workforce management.
  2. Credentialed worker identification: Ensures that only authorized personnel can access the job site.
  3. Integrated timekeeping and reporting: Compatible with many current software packages for streamlined workforce management.
  4. Rugged, job-ready construction: Designed to withstand the demanding environment of construction sites.
  5. Portable solution: The NODE can be easily transported to various sites, as it can be hoisted or rolled off a truck. This portability enables rapid deployment and setup, ensuring that your site is up and running quickly and efficiently.

With its versatile and robust design, the Tesseract NODE is an ideal solution for construction sites requiring high levels of access control and security. Its easily deployable and scalable nature makes it a powerful tool for site managers looking to optimize efficiency and maintain stringent security measures.

Advantages of the Tesseract NODE

The Tesseract NODE offers numerous benefits for construction site managers, including:

  1. Enhanced access control: The NODE simplifies the management of worksite access for both workers and visitors by serving as a centralized access point. This streamlined system allows for efficient monitoring of authorized personnel entering and exiting the site, ensuring that only those with proper credentials have access.
  2. Improved security: The NODE provides flexible security levels, ranging from open access for low-risk areas to fully locked down turnstiles for high-security zones. This adaptability allows site managers to tailor the NODE’s security settings to the specific needs of their projects, ensuring optimal safety and protection for their worksites.
  3. Efficient workforce management: The NODE’s integrated timekeeping and reporting features enable site managers to effectively track work hours, attendance, and project progress. This streamlined process not only saves time but also helps to improve overall productivity by providing accurate and up-to-date information on workforce performance.
  4. Scalability and adaptability: The NODE is designed to accommodate a wide range of project sizes and requirements. Its modular design allows for seamless integration with multiple access points, providing comprehensive coverage for even the largest construction sites. As projects grow or change, the NODE can easily be expanded or adjusted to suit evolving needs.
  5. Rugged design: Built with the harsh conditions of construction sites in mind, the NODE is designed to withstand the elements, including extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. Its durable construction ensures reliability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement and ultimately saving time and resources.

These advantages make the Tesseract NODE a valuable addition to any construction site, offering site managers a comprehensive and efficient solution for access control, security, and workforce management.


The Tesseract NODE, developed by Tesseract Ventures, is poised to transform the construction site management landscape with its all-encompassing access control and security capabilities. As a versatile and adaptable solution, the NODE streamlines the flow of authorized personnel and safeguards construction sites, addressing the unique challenges of diverse project sizes and requirements.

Easily deployable and scalable, the NODE provides an invaluable resource for site managers who aim to optimize efficiency, bolster security, and maintain the safety of their workers. By incorporating advanced features such as high-security turnstiles, server hardware, and seamless integration with other Tesseract technologies, the NODE delivers a comprehensive solution for construction site access and security management.

In conclusion, the Tesseract NODE represents a significant leap forward in construction site management technology, offering a powerful and efficient solution that caters to the diverse needs of site managers and the construction industry as a whole. To learn more about the Tesseract NODE and explore other innovative solutions offered by Tesseract Ventures, visit their website and discover how their cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your construction site operations.

Tesseract Ventures: Company Overview

Tesseract Ventures is building the future of work. Through the radically connected tools, smart spaces, sensors, and software we create, humans and businesses can work smarter and innovate faster.

The company’s mission is to enable businesses to defy the boundaries of space and time through next-generation technologies such as robots, smart spaces, wearables, and radically connected platforms. These cutting-edge tools are designed to make industries smarter, better connected, and more efficient, transforming the way construction projects and other industries are managed and executed.

With a strong focus on safety, productivity, and overall efficiency, Tesseract Ventures continues to develop groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize the construction industry. The company is based in Tampa, FL, and Overland Park, KS, and remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing advanced solutions for a wide range of applications.



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