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  • Nathasha


    UI/UX Engineer 👩‍💻 Technical Writer ✍️

  • MetaKatie


    Web3 will be reality when we collectively think of “The Metaverse” in lower-case.

  • Roger Martin

    Roger Martin

    Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor and in 2017 was named the #1 management thinker in world. He is also former Dean of the Rotman School.

  • Crypto.com


  • Jonny Dubowsky

    Jonny Dubowsky

    Generative Artist, Cyberneticist: building bridges across human/computer systems in bioinformatics, AI, complex adaptive systems, genomics, IOT +Blockchain.

  • Andy Raskin

    Andy Raskin

    Helping leaders tell strategic stories. Ex @skype @mashery @timeinc http://andyraskin.com

  • Xavier Bellekens, PhD

    Xavier Bellekens, PhD

    CEO of Lupovis.io and Non-resident Sr Fellow at the Atlantic Council

  • Avi Bar-Zeev

    Avi Bar-Zeev

    XR Pioneer (30+ years), co-founded projects at Microsoft (HoloLens), Apple, Amazon, Keyhole (Google Earth), Linden Lab (Second Life), Disney (VR), XR Guild

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