Empowering Smaller Construction Projects with Tesseract’s Affordable Tech Solutions

John Boucard
4 min readJul 7, 2023
Boost efficiency, enhance safety, and drive data-driven decisions without breaking the budget

Equipping the Underdogs

In the construction industry, technological advancements often favor larger projects. This is primarily due to their substantial budgets and the high stakes associated with these sizable ventures. This imbalance has inadvertently created a scenario where smaller jobs are left overlooked, under-resourced, and without the substantial benefits that technology can offer. Recognizing this crucial gap, Tesseract, an innovator in construction technology, steps in to effect change and create a significant impact.

Known for delivering groundbreaking solutions in the construction industry, Tesseract now offers a range of affordable, lower-cost technology solutions, specifically tailored to the distinctive needs of smaller construction projects. These budget-friendly yet powerful products ensure even projects with modest budgets gain access to valuable data, driving down costs, enabling effective labor tracking, and fostering significant operational efficiencies. The budget-conscious yet technologically advanced products featured in this offering are the NODE.LT, L0T Badges, Tablets, and the Mosaic Dashboard.

NODE.LT: More than Just a Lite Version

Unleashing the power of NODE.LT — Tesseract’s compact yet mighty tech solution designed for smaller construction sites. Experience uncompromised safety, operational efficiency, and real-time tracking without stretching your budget.

At the heart of Tesseract’s affordable tech suite lies the NODE.LT — a powerful solution wrapped in a compact, budget-friendly package. A trimmed-down version of the original NODE, the NODE.LT shares its philosophy of efficient access control. This solution is designed specifically for smaller construction sites where budget considerations cannot compromise safety and operational efficiency.

Despite its attractive price point, the NODE.LT does not compromise on performance. Its long-range antenna ensures seamless interactions with L0T Badges, allowing for real-time tracking of workers and material movement across the site. Furthermore, the system’s authorized access and identification systems guarantee only designated individuals gain entry to the site, promoting safety and operational efficiency.

Experience Tesseract’s NODE.LT — a compact, budget-friendly tech solution offering real-time tracking and enhanced safety for smaller construction sites

L0T Badges: Streamlining Workforce Tracking

Complementing the NODE.LT are the L0T Badges, designed to serve as an economical solution to workforce tracking on smaller construction projects. Each badge, equipped with long-range wireless technology, pairs effortlessly with the NODE LT. This combination enables real-time data on worker movements and site access, enhancing operational efficiency.

The L0T Badges aren’t just about tracking; they also prioritize safety. Each badge houses advanced sensors that can trigger alerts based on pre-set conditions, thereby preemptively addressing potential safety concerns on the construction site. This balance of functionality and affordability makes L0T Badges an essential component of any small-scale construction project.

Tablets: The Portable Site Manager

Tesseract’s rugged tablets deliver real-time project updates, task scheduling, and data viz, serving as a portable command center for effective construction site management.

Tesseract’s tablets bring site management capabilities to the palm of your hand. Engineered to withstand the rough and tumble of construction environments, these tablets serve as a portable command center, facilitating data visualization and real-time reporting.

On these resilient devices, all stakeholders — from on-site workers to project managers — can access real-time updates, project timelines, and other key data points. The tablets also support effective project management with capabilities for task scheduling, resource allocation, and document management. This immediate accessibility to critical information promotes effective communication, reduces the likelihood of costly misunderstandings, and aids in aligning all stakeholders with project objectives.

Mosaic Dashboard: Panoramic Project Insight

Tesseract’s Mosaic Software is easy to use and integrates from the browser to powerful edge devices for real time data visualization and prediction

The Mosaic Dashboard is a testament to Tesseract’s commitment to data-driven decision-making. It is a powerful data aggregation and visualization tool that brings together data from NODE.LT and L0T Badges in real-time. This feature provides a panoramic view of project activities, allowing managers to monitor workforce productivity, project progress, safety metrics, and more.

The dashboard’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex data sets, presenting them in an understandable and actionable format. It provides project managers the insights needed to make strategic adjustments and potential efficiency improvements. This powerful tool democratizes access to data analytics, making it available to smaller projects that would otherwise lack these insights.

Tesseract’s Mosaic Dashboard offers real-time data aggregation and visualization, providing comprehensive insights for efficient project management and strategic decision-making in construction

Empowering Smaller Projects for a Sustainable Future

With Tesseract’s affordable yet advanced tech solutions, smaller construction projects now possess the means to navigate operational complexities, enhance safety, and boost efficiency with confidence. These tools enable smaller projects to punch above their weight, maximizing the benefits of cutting-edge technology without overextending their budgets.

Tesseract’s commitment to democratizing construction technology signifies a game changing approach, ensuring no project, regardless of its size, is left behind in the industry’s ongoing digital transformation. It embodies the company’s belief that innovation, efficiency, and adaptability should be accessible to all.

The future for smaller construction projects now looks bright. No longer the underdogs, they are well-positioned to be strong competitors, fortified with data-driven insights and top-tier technology. Tesseract’s offerings are not just equipping these projects to build structures, but to construct a future that is sustainable and technology-driven.

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