Democratizing Data in Agriculture: A Deep Dive into the Tesseract Solution

John Boucard
11 min readSep 15, 2023


Tesseract is unveiling the future where tradition meets innovation: Dive deep into how data-driven agritech is empowering farmers and shaping the next era of agriculture.

Greetings, I’m John Boucard, CEO of Tesseract Ventures.

As innovators and visionaries, we have always been driven by the question, “What could be?” This innate curiosity led us to establish our Intellectual Property Studio, “For All Kind,” designed to craft windows into the future of multiple domains. One such domain that holds immense significance and potential is agriculture — a realm where tradition and technology intertwine in profound ways. We believe that the future of farming is not just about sowing seeds in soil, but about sowing data in the vast landscape of digital intelligence. The blog post you’re about to delve into is not merely a product announcement or an update. Instead, it’s a glimpse, a vision of a world where farming isn’t just smarter, but more integrated, sustainable, and democratized than ever before. Let’s embark on this journey together and explore what Tesseract envisions as the future state of agriculture.

Welcome to the new frontier. Please keep an open mind!

Navigating the Data Maze in Modern Agriculture

Today’s agricultural landscape is paradoxical. On the one hand, technological advancements have led to a plethora of data — weather forecasts, soil metrics, crop health, and more. On the other hand, the ability to utilize this wealth of information often falls short. Why? Because much of this valuable data remains siloed in isolated systems, fragmented between various service providers and equipment manufacturers. Farmers are left to piece together these informational puzzle pieces to make real-time, impactful decisions.

At Tesseract, we are creating the next generation of data visualization to break down the barriers between data streams and build a complete picture of what is happening in the field, in real time.

An Expansive Look at the Tesseract Solution: The Four Pillars of Agricultural Excellence

At its core, the Tesseract Solution is an ecosystem, a holistic suite of interconnected technologies designed to coalesce into one seamless common operating picture. Think of it not as a singular solution but as a well-orchestrated symphony, each instrument playing a unique yet harmonious role in creating a magnificent opus.
Let’s delve deeper into each of these ‘instruments.’

Pillar 1 — PRISM Agriculture Edge Sensors: Your Farm’s Intelligent On-Site Analysts

In today’s unpredictable farming landscape, which juggles complex factors from weather patterns to soil health, making timely and accurate decisions can make or break your harvest. Enter PRISM Agriculture Edge Sensors, the operational eyes and ears of your farm that serve as a foundational pillar of the Tesseract Solution.

Today’s farmer is dealing with numerous environmental factors that can have a direct impact on crop yields and profitability.

Going Beyond Conventional Data Collection

Traditional sensors might offer rudimentary data like temperature and humidity, but PRISM takes it several notches higher. These cutting-edge sensors are designed to capture an expansive range of data points across various elements critical to farming. Whether mounted on water pumps or integrated into the soil, PRISM sensors tirelessly gather key metrics around the clock.

For instance, their specialized crop sensors can real-time analyze factors such as nutritional deficiencies, water stress, or pest threats. On the machinery side, motor and pump sensors keep an eye on mechanical health, alerting you well in advance about the need for maintenance or replacements.

Intelligent Hardware for the Modern Farm

But PRISM’s capabilities aren’t confined to mere data collection. These are not just smart sensors; they are adaptive, self-calibrating analysts working right in your fields. They not only collect but also filter the incoming data to ensure that only the most pertinent information is sent for further analysis. This feature helps you save bandwidth and processing power.

Tesseract’s ecosystem consists of hardware, smart space, and software to be synergistic to produce valuable insights.

Seamlessly Integrated with the Mosaic Platform

Once the data is collected, it’s transmitted seamlessly to the MOSAIC platform for comprehensive analysis. It’s not merely a one-way flow; the interaction between PRISM and MOSAIC is synergistic, converting raw field data into actionable insights. This empowers you to make informed, real-time decisions that enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and ultimately improve crop yields and profitability.

By serving as the cornerstone of data collection within the Tesseract Solution, PRISM Agriculture Edge Sensors redefine what it means to practice precision agriculture. It’s like having an always-on, highly intelligent team of on-site analysts, making your farm not just data-rich but also rich in actionable insights.

Pillar 2 — MOSAIC Platform: The Advanced Analytical Engine Powering Your Farm’s Success

While Prism hardware serves as the eyes and ears of your farm, the MOSAIC Platform functions as its brain, endowed with remarkable computational and analytical capabilities. Far from being a mere repository where raw data is dumped, MOSAIC is an interactive, intelligent platform built to provide nuanced, actionable insights tailored specifically to your farming needs.

Deep Data Analysis through Machine Learning

Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, MOSAIC doesn’t just crunch numbers; it understands them. Whether it’s deciphering why a specific crop patch underperformed or optimizing irrigation schedules, the platform’s machine learning models dig deep into the multilayered data, recognizing complex patterns and correlations that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Comprehensive Correlative Insights

Have you ever been puzzled by an unexpected dip in yield from a certain section of your field? MOSAIC can offer a multi-faceted, correlative analysis that evaluates everything from soil nutrient levels and moisture content to the localized impact of micro-climatic conditions like temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. It doesn’t just throw numbers and graphs at you; it presents you with well-rounded, clearly articulated insights that allow you to understand the ‘why’ behind every ‘what.’

Seamless Integration with Prism and ECHO

MOSAIC’s strength also lies in its seamless interoperability with the other pillars of the Tesseract Solution. Data collected by the PRISM Agriculture Edge Sensors is automatically fed into MOSAIC for real-time analysis. In turn, these analyses inform and update the Tesseract ECHO Digital Twin Environment, creating a powerful, unified ecosystem that evolves in harmony.

MOSAIC is the software that ingest the data and organizes it within the Tesseract LT Smart Table. This is an example view of fields with high stress levels related to aphid infestation.

Decision Support and Risk Mitigation

MOSAIC is not merely a tool for retrospective analysis; it stands at the forefront of predictive agricultural technology. Using state-of-the-art predictive analytics, MOSAIC is capable of discerning early environmental and crop-related cues that may suggest a looming pest infestation or indicate potential nutrient shortfalls in the soil. Equipped with this granular foresight, farmers receive a critical edge in risk management. This allows them to strategize and execute preventive measures against pests or take corrective actions for soil nutrition well ahead of time, thereby safeguarding their crops and ensuring optimal yields.

User-Friendly Dashboards and Customization

Understanding that not every farmer is a data scientist, MOSAIC comes equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. It allows for easy customization so you can focus on the metrics that matter most to you. Whether you want a broad overview or a deep dive into specific variables, the platform is designed to adapt to your needs.

Resource Optimization for Sustainable Agriculture

Lastly, MOSAIC also aids in optimizing the allocation of resources like water and fertilizers, thereby contributing to more sustainable agricultural practices. Its algorithms can analyze the efficiency of different resource utilization strategies and provide recommendations that not only maximize yield but also minimize environmental impact.

By serving as the sophisticated analytical engine that turns raw data into targeted strategies, the MOSAIC platform revolutionizes how you approach decision-making in farming, making it an indispensable component in the landscape of precision agriculture.

The Tesseract ECHO digital twin environment is a virtual model of a real farm site that can be used to simulate different scenarios and test new ideas. ECHO could give agriculture specialists and farmers the ability to understand the impact of different management practices before they implement them.

Pillar 3 — Tesseract ECHO Digital Twin Environment: Your Farm’s Virtual Command Center

Imagine a virtual playground where every element of your farm — soil, weather, crops, and equipment — is faithfully replicated down to the most minute detail. Welcome to the Tesseract ECHO Digital Twin Environment, a sophisticated simulation platform that acts as your farm’s risk-free sandbox for experimentation and prediction.

Unprecedented Simulation Capabilities

ECHO is not merely a static digital copy; it’s an evolving, dynamic twin that can host a multitude of complex scenarios. Want to understand the long-term consequences of changing your crop rotation schedule? ECHO can simulate it. Curious about the impact of climate change on your specific crops over the next decade? ECHO provides the projection. From assessing how an early frost might affect your harvest to calculating the cost-efficiency of installing a new irrigation system, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Synchronized with PRISM and MOSAIC

One of ECHO’s most impressive features is its real-time integration with PRISM Agriculture Edge Sensors and the MOSAIC Platform. As your PRISM sensors collect field data and MOSAIC churns out analyses and insights, ECHO constantly updates its own algorithms and parameters. This closed feedback loop ensures that the virtual farm always mirrors the current conditions of your actual farm, making it an incredibly reliable testing ground.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Predictive Power

The strength of ECHO is its predictive modeling ability. As it ingests a continuous stream of quality data from Prism Hardware, and as MOSAIC refines this data into actionable insights, ECHO’s predictive algorithms become increasingly precise. The result? More accurate, reliable outcomes for each new simulation run. Over time, this can translate into improved operational strategies, better risk management, and a higher likelihood of achieving optimal yields.

ECHO can determine which field has the aphid infestation and alert other neighboring farmers that there is a potential spread nearby.

Enhanced Decision-Making through Machine Learning

But ECHO goes a step further by employing machine learning algorithms to analyze the immense datasets it receives. It can identify patterns or trends that might not be immediately obvious, thereby offering even deeper insights. These could include early warnings about potential pest infestations based on historical data or even suggesting custom fertilization programs tailored to the specific nutrient needs of different sections of your farm.

Resource Optimization and Sustainability

ECHO also contributes to sustainable farming practices. By simulating the outcomes of different resource allocation strategies, such as irrigation schedules or fertilizer use, you can find the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to maximize your farm’s potential.

By serving as your virtual command center for testing, prediction, and advanced analytics, Tesseract ECHO Digital Twin Environment revolutionizes how you approach decision-making and strategy planning in farming. This isn’t just a game of what-if; it’s a powerful tool that continually evolves, offering actionable, data-driven solutions that can significantly improve your farm’s performance and sustainability.

Pillar 4 — MOSAIC Connect API: The Seamless Integration Hub and Scalability Enabler

The final cornerstone in the Tesseract Solution is MOSAIC Connect API, an Application Programming Interface (API) that acts as both the glue and the neural pathway that connects and synchronizes all the components in the ecosystem. Mosaic Connect is not merely an add-on or an integration feature; it’s an engineered component crucial to the system’s robust functionality and future-proof scalability.

Real-Time Data Synchronization Across Platforms

The real brilliance of MOSAIC Connect lies in its ability to synchronize data in real-time between Prism’s cutting-edge sensors, the analytical prowess of the MOSAIC Platform, and the virtual testing grounds of the Tesseract ECHO Digital Twin Environment. This ensures that when you are viewing sensor data on the Mosaic dashboard or running what-if scenarios in ECHO, what you’re seeing is part of a unified, interconnected system that works in harmony.

Smooth User Experience

The API is developed with the user in mind, aiming to provide a seamless and cohesive experience across platforms. It allows for effortless navigation, enabling you to switch between hardware monitoring, data analytics, and digital simulations without any jarring transitions or data discrepancies. This translates to a more efficient workflow, saving time and reducing the margin for error.

Plug-and-Play Scalability

One of the most powerful features of MOSAIC Connect is its built-in scalability. Whether you’re planning to expand your sensor array with additional PRISM units or you need to introduce new custom features into your MOSAIC dashboard, MOSAIC Connect ensures that incorporating these new elements is as smooth as a plug-and-play operation. No need for extensive code rewriting or system overhauls; the API is built to adapt.

Tesseract PRISM hardware as well as third party hardware can integrate with Tesseract software solutions (MOSAIC) to produce advanced analytics and virtual simulations that help you make informed decisions.

Interoperability and Third-Party Integrations

MOSAIC Connect isn’t just inward-focused; it’s outward-facing as well. The API is designed for easy integration with third-party systems, whether they are specialized weather forecasting services, drone surveillance systems, or other smart farming tools. This makes the entire Tesseract Solution not just an ecosystem but part of a larger biosphere of advanced agricultural technology.

Future-Ready Adaptability

Lastly, MOSAIC Connect is architected with the future in mind. As technologies evolve and new farming methods emerge, the API is designed to be easily updated, thereby ensuring that your investment today is adaptable and relevant for the farming challenges of tomorrow.

By serving as the nexus that ties together the innovative hardware, advanced analytics, and virtual simulation components, MOSAIC Connect API is not just a bridge but a superhighway that facilitates smooth, secure, and scalable operations in the world of precision agriculture.

The Tesseract Solution is information at your fingertips. Overall, today’s farmers can work smarter to optimize their agricultural needs.

The Cumulative Impact: A Symphony in Data

When all these elements come together — PRISM’s exhaustive data collection, MOSAIC’s intelligent analytics, ECHO’s insightful simulations, and Mosaic Connect’s seamless integration — you get the Tesseract Solution. It transforms your farm from a mere collection of fields, crops, and machinery into an integrated, intelligent entity capable of self-monitoring, learning, and optimizing. In other words, your farm doesn’t just produce crops; it produces knowledge, a resource just as valuable in the data-driven world of modern agriculture.

Preparing for the Future, Today

What sets the Tesseract Solution apart is its future-ready approach. The system learns continuously. It can predict when your tractor may need an oil change, offer insights into optimizing your workforce for harvest season, and even monitor the real-time movements in your supply chain. All this real-time tracking and predictive analytics cause tangible benefits: reduced waste, increased operational efficiency, and elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Democratizing Data, Maximizing Potential

By providing a comprehensive, integrated, and intelligent system, the Tesseract Solution is democratizing agricultural data like never before. It’s a groundbreaking platform that cuts through the noise, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Through its robust combination of sensory hardware, analytical software, and intuitive simulations, Tesseract is shaping what it means to be a farmer in the 21st century — a synthesis of tradition and technology, where farming is not just more efficient but fundamentally smarter.



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