Combatting Fatigue in Construction: Tesseract’s Predictive Approach

John Boucard
5 min readJul 26, 2023


Tesseract’s MOSAIC Dashboard and SMS alerts revolutionize fatigue management, boosting safety and productivity in construction.

The Unseen Yet Pervasive Adversary — Fatigue

The construction industry, a pivotal player in economic growth and infrastructure development, is marked by relentless pace and pressure, with tight budgets and unforgiving timelines. This high-stress environment often normalizes overtime, leading to an unseen but significant issue — fatigue. More than an individual concern, fatigue is a systemic problem impacting the industry’s crucial parameters, causing injuries, impaired judgment, and adversely affecting productivity and project timelines.

According to a report from Raken, fatigue costs employers an estimated $139 billion a year in health-related lost productivity, signifying a massive financial drain for companies. This underscores that the impacts of fatigue stretch beyond workforce health and safety, leading to substantial monetary losses and directly affecting project outcomes.

The dynamic and varied nature of work schedules in the industry makes addressing fatigue a complex challenge. Traditional reactive measures often prove to be too late and costly, emphasizing the need for anticipation and prevention. Recognizing this crucial gap, Tesseract, a pioneer in construction technology, has devised a strategic, data-driven approach to predict and manage fatigue. By harnessing advanced technology and analytics, Tesseract’s solutions allow for early identification of potential fatigue symptoms, marking a critical shift from reactive responses to anticipatory, preventive actions in managing workforce health and safety.

The Power of Real-time Data: MOSAIC Dashboard

At the heart of Tesseract’s groundbreaking approach to fatigue management lies the MOSAIC Dashboard, an advanced tool which revolutionizes data aggregation and visualization. Not merely a monitoring platform, it serves as a predictive asset that provides managers with comprehensive insights into workforce dynamics. By tracking the hours worked by individual employees and teams, it pinpoints potential instances of excessive overtime leading to fatigue, enabling early interventions that could preclude costly, fatigue-related incidents. The MOSAIC Dashboard’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex data sets, transforming them into clear visuals that empower managers to swiftly make informed decisions to alleviate fatigue risks.

Moreover, the MOSAIC Dashboard stands out with its real-time reporting feature, a crucial asset given the rapid, ever-evolving nature of construction sites. It provides instant access to data, enabling managers to identify potential fatigue-related issues promptly on a per-worker basis, leading to timely and effective interventions. Far from being just a tool, the MOSAIC Dashboard is a game-changer in the realm of workforce safety and productivity. It leverages the power of data and analytics to establish a proactive approach to fatigue management, enabling the anticipation and management of fatigue before it morphs into a tangible issue.

Timely Intervention: Bridging Communication with SMS Text Alerts

Tesseract’s dedication to worker well-being is exemplified in the innovative SMS Text Alerts feature of the MOSAIC Dashboard system. This feature, positioned at the nexus of data-driven strategy and real-time fatigue management, encourages a culture of safety. The dashboard constantly screens for fatigue indicators, such as excessive work hours or harsh weather conditions, and in response, triggers immediate SMS alerts to both the worker and their supervisor. These alerts are integral to the communication line, ensuring that potential fatigue risks are quickly noted, leading to swift actions which can vary from recommending a worker rest break to adjusting work schedules.

These personalized SMS Text Alerts enable the MOSAIC Dashboard to constantly monitor each worker’s status, granting supervisors the ability to make informed, proactive decisions to ensure their team’s health and safety, all while maintaining productivity. Thus, with the integration of the MOSAIC Dashboard and SMS Text Alerts, Tesseract transforms fatigue management into a data-driven, efficient, and prompt process. This significantly minimizes accident risks, boosts overall project performance, and demonstrates a significant leap in construction workforce safety.

Redefining Construction Safety: Tesseract’s Pioneering Approach to Combat Fatigue

Tesseract’s novel, predictive approach to fatigue management in the construction industry stands as a testament to their commitment towards worker well-being and safety. Their sophisticated and strategic solutions, underpinned by advanced technology and analytics, shift the industry narrative from reactive measures to anticipatory, preventive action. At the core of their initiative lies the MOSAIC Dashboard, a predictive tool that revolutionizes data aggregation, visualization, and real-time reporting. With its ability to identify potential instances of excessive overtime leading to fatigue, it empowers managers to make timely, informed decisions, setting the stage for early interventions and prevention of fatigue-related incidents.

Moreover, Tesseract’s innovative SMS Text Alerts feature embedded within the MOSAIC Dashboard system demonstrates the seamless integration of data-driven strategy and real-time fatigue management. It encourages a culture of safety and vigilance, enabling instant communication between the dashboard, workers, and supervisors whenever potential fatigue indicators are identified. This not only ensures immediate attention and swift response but also facilitates informed, proactive decision-making by supervisors. In summary, Tesseract’s transformative approach significantly minimizes accident risks, enhances project performance, and ultimately advances the cause of workforce safety in the construction industry.

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We are a legion of inventors, dreamers, creators, engineers, technologists, and innovators who believe that there’s nothing more human than technology. That today’s most radical technologies are tomorrow’s essentials for living. That every moonshot starts right here on earth.

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