Building the Future of Kansas City, Together

John Boucard
2 min readFeb 19, 2021
KC Future Builders Building the Future of Kansas City, Together

Position: An alliance of construction industry thought leaders working to make building in Kansas City smarter and safer through technology.

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The construction industry in Kansas City is a microcosm of so many of the things that make our city great. It’s forward looking, innovative, always pushing for growth, and most of all, it’s a strong community. In this community, cooperation wins out over competition more often than not, because we know that by working together, we all come out stronger.

That’s why Tesseract Ventures is launching a new, invite-only forward thinking group called Kansas City Future Builders. We’re bringing together the brightest minds in the KC construction and technology industries to share ideas, solve problems and form partnerships that will strengthen our companies and our city.

A unique opportunity to become thought leaders!

At Tesseract, we often say “there’s nothing more human than technology.” Construction is an industry that relies on human strength and ingenuity more than most. We believe that through technology, we can empower the humans who build our towns and cities to work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. Instead of replacing our labor and knowledge, technology can propel us further, making the lives of working humans easier, and the things we create better.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring together this timely group of general contractors, architects, building technology companies, trade contractors, engineers and other experts with a stake in advancing the way construction is done through technology. We see this group as a way to not just start conversations, but to create tangible improvements in our businesses and the Kansas City community as a whole.

In the coming days we’ll be announcing events and other ways for this group to connect and start sharing resources.

We look forward to building something new with you!

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