Beyond the Visible: Tesseract’s Pioneering Approach to Construction Safety

John Boucard
6 min readOct 25, 2023
Tesseract’s groundbreaking safety technology transforms construction sites into safe, efficient, and productive workspaces.

Tesseract Technologies is transforming construction safety with its suite of groundbreaking technologies. These solutions include wearables that track worker movements and physiological responses, a robust access control system, and a real-time workforce management dashboard. By proactively identifying and mitigating risks, Tesseract’s technology helps construction businesses prevent accidents, save costs, and boost worker confidence.

In the ever-evolving world of construction, the importance of safety cannot be overstated. In the fast moving environment of construction sites, moving heavy equipment, dynamic load transfers, and constant activity, potential hazards are present every day on the job. Each year, statistics reveal the vulnerability of workers to injuries, some of which have life-altering consequences.

Only a small percentage of work site hazards are visible, the majority are unseen and not perceived by workers. Recognizing the need for robust and reliable safety measures, Tesseract has developed a suite of technologies to improve the safety of our workforce. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by construction professionals, Tesseract has dedicated its expertise to developing innovative solutions. These technologies not only amplify existing safety protocols but also introduce novel ways of anticipating, detecting, and addressing potential threats.

From Afterthoughts to Anticipation: Evolving Safety Measures in Construction

In the formative days of the construction sector, the approach to safety was predominantly reactive. This meant that the primary focus was on addressing issues after they had already manifested, whether as a result of an accident or in response to a reported hazard. Back then, the primary emphasis was on mitigating the consequences of these incidents rather than preventing them from happening in the first place. Daily safety briefings were a routine practice, where seasoned supervisors would share guidance grounded in their personal experiences and relay anecdotes from other construction sites. While these methods offered a semblance of security, they were insufficient in their scope, lacking the foresight and tools to systematically anticipate and prevent potential threats.

Fast forward to the present, and the construction landscape presents a stark contrast but also significant challenges. Today, despite advancements in technology and safety practices, the industry grapples with a high rate of on-site incidents. Almost one in every ten construction workers endures an injury each year, a statistic that is both alarming and costly. In the U.S. alone, these accidents have a massive financial implication, with worker’s compensation claims soaring to somewhere around $2.5 billion annually. To further underscore the gravity of the situation, global injury rates on construction sites stand at a staggering 71% higher compared to other industries. This grim scenario emphasizes the critical need for a paradigm shift in safety measures — towards more predictive, reliable, and comprehensive solutions.

Tesseract’s Role in Ensuring Safety

In response to these pervasive challenges, Tesseract provides a range of solutions, each designed to address specific safety needs on construction sites:

  • Tesseract Badges and Wearables: These sophisticated devices, designed for the workforce, offer real-time data collection and analytics on each worker’s precise location, movements, and physiological responses, thereby providing immediate insights into their safety status.
  • Tesseract NODE and NODE LT: This robust access control tool plays a pivotal role in securing construction sites. It not only restricts access to authorized individuals but also adapts to the unique demands and fluctuations of different construction phases, ensuring consistent security.
  • MOSAIC Dashboard: This workforce management tool provides a real time view of what is happening on your site including access control, credentialing, multiple levels of permissions. And, most importantly, know who is on your job site now in case of emergent conditions.

Addressing Safety Hazards with Tesseract Technology

Tesseract Technologies provides a suite of technologies meticulously designed to counteract prevalent safety hazards:

  • Fall Detection: When combined with PRIMS anchors,Tesseracts wearable devices embedded with advanced sensors actively monitor every wearer’s movements. Example: Upon detecting rapid altitude changes or sudden accelerations indicative of falls, the wearables could instantly communicate with the MOSAIC Dashboard. Supervisors could receive immediate alerts, enabling a rapid response, which is crucial for minimizing injury severity in the event of a fall.
  • Moving & Falling Objects: The MOSAIC Dashboard is equipped with a Real-Time Location System (RTLS). This innovative feature offers dynamic mapping of all moving equipment and machinery on-site. If a worker is identified to be in the trajectory of a moving object, instant alerts are dispatched to both the worker and equipment operator, preventing struck-by accidents effectively.
  • Fatigue Prediction: By tracking the hours worked by individual employees and teams, we can pinpoint potential instances of excessive overtime leading to fatigue, enabling early interventions that could preclude costly, fatigue-related incidents.
  • Harmful Airborne Materials: Real-time monitoring (via Prism Edge Devices) of airborne particles and toxic gasses protects workers from respiratory issues. If the concentration of harmful substances exceeds safe levels, the system could trigger alerts, advising workers to either don protective gear or evacuate the area.

Each of these technological solutions is integrated seamlessly, providing a holistic safety net for construction workers. PRISM hardware works together with MOSAIC software to create an end to end solution. From safety training and credentialing, we prepare workers to be effective and safe on the site and give leaders better insight into current site activity.

Benefits of Using Tesseract Technology

Adopting Tesseract’s pioneering technology yields tangible, far-reaching benefits:

  • Accident Prevention: The suite’s real-time monitoring and alert system drastically diminish accident occurrence.
  • Cost Savings: Firms stand to save an average of $32,000 for each prevented injury.
  • Worker Assurance: The continuous safety monitoring instills a sense of confidence among workers.

Modern Safety in Construction: Tesseract’s Pioneering Approach

Tesseract Technologies offers transformative safety solutions for construction sites, effectively turning them into well-organized, efficient, and secure work environments. The combination of Tesseract’s Prism Wearables, NODE.LT, and the MOSAIC Dashboard provides a safety net that is proactive and responsive, systematically identifying and mitigating risks while fostering a culture of safety and awareness among workers.

With Tesseract’s technology, safety and efficiency are mutually reinforcing, allowing workers to focus on their tasks with confidence and peace of mind. This commitment by Tesseract not only brings a significant shift in safety culture but also ensures that safety measures are diligently planned, seamlessly integrated, and effectively executed on construction sites, protecting the well-being of every individual involved.

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